SEO Tips That All Small Businesses Should Know

If you run a small business it is important that you have a website and optimize it correctly. Completing SEO for your website can increase the number of visitors you have and increase the amount of business that you get. However, if you are new to SEO then you should consider these tips that every small business should know about.

Have A Google My Business Account

It is vital to your SEO strategy that you open a Google My Business account and get your information uploaded. The account is free and will enable you to appear in the results for local searches. People using general searches will also find your business easily because you will appear at the top of the results as part of the local businesses that meet the search criteria.

Of course, when setting up your My Business account you need to ensure that the information provided matches your website. You should also look at including some keywords in your description. Adding pictures will also make your results more attractive to users.

Have A Fast, Mobile Friendly Website

Loading speed is something that user and search engines take into account when looking at your website. For a faster speed visit SEO company in Naples Florida. If the site takes too long to load your visitors will close it and move to your competitors. The search engines also seem slow sites as providing poor user experience, and this can affect your rankings. There are some online webmaster tools that you can use to test the loading speed of your website.

The website also needs to be mobile-friendly and this is something that most website themes now offer. Getting a responsive theme is best because it will help your mobile SEO strategy. Search engines will often rank mobile-friendly websites higher for mobile searches because they offer a better user experience.

Use Keyword Research To Spot Gaps In The Market

When you complete your keyword research you need to look for the gaps in your market. Targeting the keywords that all your competitors are using will make it harder to stand out. However, if you target something that has lower search volumes, but is something that your competitors neglect then you will have a better chance of ranking.

There are a number of tools that you can use to try and find these gaps. Most keyword tools offer you search volumes for your primary keywords and any related keywords along with a competition rating. This will help you determine which keywords are being targeted by your competition and which are falling through the cracks.

Use The Google Search Console

A tool that a lot of small businesses neglect is the Google Search Console. This tool offers you insight into your website’s performance in Google searches and offers you errors that the search engine has located on the site. Fixing the errors flagged by the tool can help you rank and will ensure that other search engines improve your ranking as well. Not using this tool will make fixing your website very difficult as you will not know where to start.

Understand Your Online Audience

Your online audience will be different to your offline audience and you need to remember this for your sales consulting. You should start with looking at who your typical online customer will be and what they will be looking for from your business. Finding out where your online audience spends most of their time will also help you determine where you should focus your optimization efforts.

If you understand your audience you can target the content that they are looking for and the places where they spend their time online. You will also be able to rank better because you can determine what information is of value to the customer.

Always Be Genuine

When you complete SEO it is important that you are genuine and focused on your customers. A lot of small businesses make the mistake of trying to appease the search engines without thinking about the impact on the customer. The content on your website needs to focus on giving valuable information to the reader and not just getting the search engine to notice you.

If you are going to use social media accounts to generate back links you also need to be careful. A genuine account will work better than a nuisance one because you will engage with your audience better. Taking the time to contact your audience will also make them trust your brand more.

Have A Blog

A lot of small businesses have a single static page website which offers all the information that the customers need. While this may be ideal for your market, you need to have regular content uploads for the search engines to tell that your company is still active. The best way to do this is to have a business blog linked to the website. This blog can be updated with new posts, and this will tell the search engines that your website is still active.